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Have you given much thought to your career path in your future employment? Do you like to tinker with stuff or build new things? The robotics industry is expected to expand by over 3000 percent in the next ten years. It will be very similar to the computer age with its rapid growth rate.

You might wish to consider a career opportunity in robotics and you can specialize in a number of sub-industries such as robotics in automotive manufacturing, robotics in military applications, robotics in space or even robotics in the home. Consider if you will the future of robotic artificially intelligent androids.

Someone will need to build these units, maintain these products and repair them when they breakdown or go berserk. Obviously if someone's artificially intelligent robotic androids tries to kill the house cat it might be time to upgrade some of its software and repair it. Or what if they robotic transportation system device like the robotic truck malfunctions?

There will tons of career opportunities in robotics in the next decade and it might be smart to get in on the ground floor and work for a robotics company, which is growing very fast and they may even give you stock options.

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MIT Robot

Picture of Robots nº2: MIT's NEXI an advanced human like Robot